HonourMark + Ventile®

Do more. Expect more.

A Storied History

During World War II a high level of casualties for the Royal Air Force due to abandoning their planes into the frigid waters created an alarming need to develop protective gear to increase survival chances while they awaited rescue at sea. Winston Churchill recognized the importance of this and the British Cotton Industry developed Ventile increasing the survival rate of the airmen by 80%.

At The Pinnacle of Performance Cotton

Ventile fabric is made from some of the strongest long-staple cotton, found among the top 2% of the world’s cotton. It is softly spun and tightly woven, using up to 30% more yarn than conventional fabrics.

The quality of the cotton and meticulous weave account for its durability, breathability, warmth, and weatherproof qualities. The fibers tighten and relax as the weather changes from wet to dry, all while breathing naturally. Ventile’s natural properties, with no synthetics, laminates, or coatings gives it a lasting performance for generations to come.

The HonourMark Difference

We combined the function and performance of activewear with the distinct design sensibility that works for board meetings to drinks with friends.

When you see the fabric’s fine cotton and feel its luxurious yet durable and weatherproof qualities, you’ll know why we think it just doesn’t get any better than this and is the standard for HonourMark.