An Elevated Nod to
the Silicon Valley Staple

If there is one item that is synonymous with Silicon Valley and its notoriously casual dress code, it is the hoody. A layering favorite for its comfort and the effortless image it reflects makes it the perfect piece for the anti-suit statement.

Preserving what makes the hoody what it is was crucial when we decided to take on our version of this local favorite. However, we identified a need for an elevated take. Something that captures the appeal but offers a polished approach to help enhance wearability and bridge the gap between business and uber casual.

Creating the
New California Casual

A Japanese brushed back tricot replaces the traditional fleece shell for comfort and movement, with a polished face. Japanese mesh is cut with the tricot and surge stitched to reduce stretch and preserve the appeal of the tricot itself. Cuffs and facing are trimmed with a brushed Japanese moleskin that mimics the comfort of a soft knit yet has the appeal of a refined woven. Another layer of mesh is applied to give it a clean finished interior while maintaining breathability and comfort. A Japanese tencel binds the interior and gives an elegant finish. For the hardware, we partnered with Japan's only zipper manufacturer, Chrome Excella. Arguably the finest zippers available, they are hand polished antique nickel and made to order. The final touch that pushes this piece to a new way of thinking about a hoody.