The Founders

Historically behind most great brands lies a sole designer who embodies the essence of the lifestyle as well as the physical creation that comes out of it. With HonourMark we took a different path.

We merged our individual right and left to create something truly unique where we collectively drive the business forward and remain true to the DNA of the brand and product...


The Inspiration

Founder & CEO Michael DeNunzio was the driving force behind the creation of our brand. With the casualization of corporate America and a time of constant connectivity blurring personal and business responsibilities, men are dressing very differently but still want to dress accordingly. Casual Friday carries them through Monday and back again to end the week. From board meetings, to teacher conferences, to fundraisers, chipping practice, and finished with date night, versatility drives decisions and Michael wanted product that carried men through it all backed by a company that one could eminently trust.


The Execution

For Co-Founder & Creative Director Shaun Aharam, his lifestyle and what he admires about classic sportswear needed to shine through in not only what we make but how we make it. An outdoorsman and environmentalist who lives and works in a well worn tee shirt and jeans, and starts most days in a wetsuit, maintaining a high level of responsible manufacturing and sustainable fabrications is core to who he is. Yet, envisioning our customer through his personal and professional network of hundreds of Michael’s allows him to also be core to objectively building the ultimate in what they need: durability and refined character.


The Outcome - A new take on luxury.

A performance driven, sustainably produced, business ready brand that will always have its man top of mind.
From concept, to creation, to on his back...