Tailored Car Coat Care Instructions

Your HonourMark jacket is made from some of the best cotton in the world.  Like other luxury products, special care and attention should be applied to cleaning your jacket. As you may know, dry cleaning is a stringent process that can have adverse effects on the nature and color of luxury fabrics, so we only recommend dry cleaning if absolutely necessary and to have your dry cleaner follow the instructions below, which come from the mill that makes the fabric.  We recommend you spot clean with cold water when needed.

Dry Cleaning Instructions

Professional dry-cleaning in: perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons. Mild cleaning process with stringent limitation of added humidity and/or mechanical action and/or temperature. Commercial stain removers on a solvent base may be used with some restrictions. A trial on a concealed part of the article is advisable beforehand.

For any questions about the care or maintenance of your jacket please contact us at:


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Thank You.

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