Our Mark Onward

Breaking the cycle of consume, dispose, repeat.

Building a lifestyle brand in our modern age should incorporate awareness of global concerns regarding this industry’s ramifications on the future, which affects our today as much as our tomorrow. A time of rapid flowing information and technology has spawned a constant stream of fast fashion and disposable trend. The pursuit of delivering the lowest price by the fastest means takes us down a staggering path.

The textile industry is one of the leading contributors to water pollution. Whether an environmentalist, weekend warrior, or completely indifferent, the concern is a common ground as inhabitants of this planet dependant of its resources to work, play, and simply live. The opportunity for the generations that follow to do so are defined by our actions now.

We understand that operating a business makes it impossible to leave behind zero footprint. The best we can do is always be aware of the decisions that we are making and the reaction those choices will create. We are always looking ahead for thoughtful innovation in the way we design and means of production that are in line with our core values as a company.

Building product with minimal waste & enduring standards of quality in every component.

Our small batch approach to creating our collections is based on the foundation to deliver exceptional quality in a cohesive manner that flows consistently through every detail. From our most complex pieces of outerwear to our daily essentials.

This mindset provides an end result where no element is compromised. The culmination intersects performance, comfort, and enduring quality.

When stripped down of all of its consumer connotations sustainability should be about one thing, and that is responsibility. When someone buys a piece of HonourMark it is our purpose to deliver that. In the mindful process involved, and the lasting result in product intended to withstand character through years of wear…

SHAUN AHARAM Creative Director | Co-Founder