The Tencel Collection

Unlike anything in your closet.
  • Derived from sustainably raised Eucalyptus Trees.
  • Feels just like a delicate silk or ultra fine cotton, but will endure years beyond the natural competition.
  • Easy care and resilience to wear.
  • Natural skin sensory properties that ensures moisture management and temperature control.
  • One of the cleanest manufactured fibers on the planet.
  • The benefits are built in, not added on.

The Tencel Oxford Cutaway

The work week work horse. Tie-less presence with our signature cutaway collar.

Pool Blue $195 $97.50
Vintage Grey Heather $195 $97.50
Dark Navy $195 $97.50
Pale Pink $195 $97.50
Deep Dusk $195 $97.50

The Tencel Gingham Cutaway

Sand $195 $97.50
Deep Navy $195 $97.50
Preppy Royal $195 $97.50

The Tencel Twill Cutaway

Mid Indigo $195 $97.50
Nimbus White $195 $97.50

The Tencel Twill Workshirt

Built like a flannel, wears like Savile Row. Engineered to be worn perfectly tucked in or out.

Deep Indigo $195 $97.50
Desert $195 $97.50

The Tencel Yarn Dyed Stripe Button Down

Layered for professional perfection or relaxed for backyard barbecues.

Chalk Blue $195 $97.50
Faded Putty $195 $97.50
Washed Lilac $195 $97.50

The Tencel Lawn Button Down

Vintage Orchid $195 $97.50
Heather Blue $195 $97.50
Dusk $195 $97.50

The Combed Cotton Cutaway

Bone White $195 $97.50
Pale Periwinkle $195 $97.50
Soft Pink $195 $97.50

Burnt Olive $195 $97.50
Dress Navy $195 $97.50
Fig Purple $195 $97.50
  • Ultrafine whale corduroy
  • Milled from a source with over 140 years of experience
  • A seasonless weight so comfortable you could sleep in
  • Cut and sewn in Northern California
Fog Grey $195 $97.50
Fig Purple $195 $97.50
Fog Grey $195 $97.50

The Japanese Denim Collection

Denim done dressy

Light Indigo $195 $97.50
  • Densely woven in Japan
  • Hand brushed for ultimate comfort
  • Cut and sewn in Northern California
Midnight $195 $97.50
Light Indigo $195 $97.50
Midnight $195 $97.50
Light Ghurka $195 $97.50
Genuine Pacific mother of peral and trocca smoke buttons
Washed Wheat $195 $97.50

Every Stitch Counts

We are maniacal about only using the best in class for every class. The hands that put our shirts together understand every nuance of making a shirt because that is all they make. Muscle memory and extraordinary intelligence only achieved through experience ensures every cut of the cloth and stitch of the seam is done so through passion and skill.

Unyielding Worth.

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