Shaun Aharam


Creative Director

Building an Iconic Brand Today

As the idea for HonourMark took hold and the concept turned to creation, I asked myself, "what does it mean to build an iconic luxury brand today?" It is a dramatically different time now than the conception of the brands I hold in this esteemed class. A time faced with global issues reflective of the impact over consumption we as consumers are having on the planet. As an avid surfer and environmentalist, how I live my life is directly reflected in the product, and the purpose of HonourMark.

A "small batch" approach to building collections was the answer. I start with a refined focus. Select a concentrated offering of materials and trims and build the collection so everything works together without unnecessary waste or production. This ultimately creates a very cohesive collection where the standard of quality runs through every piece, and every component.

Building production in the Bay Area also gives me the confidence that a high degree of environmentally clean methods of manufacturing are upheld. While at the same time, the product is meticulously built to ensure the lifetime of the garment stands the test of time and the uncertainty that comes along with it. Daily demands of today require versatility, and I want to make the kind of product that best accommodates that.

HonourMark is a brand that is built on quality in every detail. It’s not only what we make but whom we make it for and the impact as a whole. Luxury and quality today should encompass it all.