Inspired, designed, & made in Northern California.

Where the simplicity of nature converges with the complexity of curiosity.

When innovation evokes change a movement is created.

Business as Casual

From dawn patrol to board meetings the line between business casual and active leisure has been forever blurred. Our passion is to seamlessly carry you through it all.

The New

California Casual


Denim Jacket

What makes something a true icon is its ability to be reinterpreted again and again without ever losing its identity.

Mindful sensibility in design —
Meticulous complexity in make.



An Elevated Nod to a Silicon Valley Staple

The ability to sustain character through time simply lies in the quality of its make.


Ventile Down Vest

Paramount weather protection with distinct detail


Fleece Vest

Function, comfort and sophistication to pair with a versatile range of looks.


Ventile Car Coat

A tailored take on true performance

Sportswear essentials should be exactly that.

Fabric, fit and make, our focus on what truly matters.


My small batch approach to building collections is about establishing a standard of quality that runs through every component of every piece. All while minimizing waste and unnecessary consumption. Ensuring the longevity of the garment and maintaining our responsibility of what an iconic brand should stand for. Whether in people, in place, in product and in tomorrow, luxury today means caring for it all.

Shaun Aharam

Creative Director | Co-Founder