HonourMark Ethos

American. Luxury. Reimagined.

Indelible DNA

The space between something good and something truly great is in the lasting impression left behind. Whether it is in the product produced or the mission behind the company, how it affects those it touches and influences positive change makes all the measurable difference.

Modern Mission

Historically great brands have built iconic levels of recognition through merely celebrating the surface level of success. Pairing the idea of being well dressed with unimaginable wealth and consumption. Overconsumption without consequence is no longer the mindset. A purposeful approach is inspired by what it means to design, produce, and wear a piece of HonourMark.

Men of Character & Distinction

The start of HonourMark came from the idea to celebrate the sport of everyday. Champion the man worth knowing in direct reflection of the quality and character that makes him who he is. A man of stature, success, family, and purpose. How he lives his life, conducts his business, and continues to strive for excellence creates demands to always look, feel, and perform at his very best. Taking luxury to reality means every piece is intended to provide him with the highest degree of comfort in materials, prominence through fit, and performance from construction. Every new category we introduce is thoughtfully brought to life through necessity without compromising the timeless aesthetic of classic design.

American Made

Not as well championed as the storied artisans and craftsman of Europe, but equally as passionate, American apparel manufacturing has long stood for unparralled quality, attention to detail, etc. FILL IN.