The Integral Parts

Every car is a box with four wheels. What separates the classes are the make and materials. Same holds true for what's in your closet. Every component that goes into our jackets from lining, pockets, shell, and trims maintain the highest standards of quality to ensure generations of wear. Our polished performance first mentality provides the utmost confidence in function and appearance.

Tencel, Japanese Chambray, and British Sateen...It's what's on the inside that counts.
A notable difference you will feel every time you put it on.

Putting it Together

How something is made is of equal importance to what it is made of. Flawless make comes from focused experience. That is why we select our production partners based on the intention of the design and the materials involved, and nothing else.

The Power of Fit

Our approach to enginnering fit is driven by real life use and real life physique. Using our customers as our guide gives us the tools to ultimately satisfy a wide range of an exceptional out of the box fit. Endless mobility and a tailored look do not just happen. Extensive research, and do, redo, and do again, along with a raised armhole to give you a slimmed up physique you can breathe in.


Purpose and trust is the mindset for everything we make, and our outerwear is the leading example of that. Partnering with Ventile established an unparalleled standard. A storied past, clean manufacturing methods, and the ultimate weather protection that has the distinct versatility of the world's finest cotton.

Pairs well with everything.
The Quilted Vest $495 $148.50

Signature Car Coat $995 $298.50

The Harrington Jacket $895 $268.50

British Motorcycle Jacket $895 $268.50

The Quilted Jacket $895 $268.50

The Explorer Jacket $695 $208.50

The Quilted Vest $495 $148.50

Rain Coat $695 $208.50

Down Vest $795 $238.50

Tailored Car Coat $995 $298.50

British Moto Jacket $895 $268.50

European Goose Down Vest $795 $238.50

The Hoody $695 $208.50

Signature Driving Jacket Classic Khaki $320 $96.00

Signature Driving Jacket Dark Navy $320 $96.00

Signature Driving Jacket True Black $320 $96.00

Unyielding Worth.

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