All in the Details

The Start

Before the first pattern was cut we applied our years of experience to best design for our man's day to day, how he dresses, what he expects from brands he supports, how he likes his clothes to fit and more. With those insights we saw an opportunity to provide him with some of the world's finest materials but in a way that captures all that is important to who he is and who he strives to be.

When you strip down to the fundamentals of menswear, what differentiates the good from the exceptional are fit, materials, and make.

The HonourMark Fit

Our fit is a result of decades of mens' pattern making experience combined with knowing our man and extending his boundaries to a place that will not only provide him with the comfort he wants but the look he needs. Everything we make is intended to offer a slimming but not constricting fit. We are true to the realities of mens' shapes and accommodate him with a universally appealing result.

Exceptional Fabric and Trims

The fabric and trims selected for each piece are expected to function at the highest level while at the same time offer a truly exceptional look and feel. Luxury items need to be worn and truly lived in. We never wanted to create a great jacket that felt like it could only be worn for special occasions and permitting weather. HonourMark is intended to be worn and tested with the elements of everyday life.

Everything that we use in creating the product is sourced from the finest mills and artisans from UK, Japan and USA. Our product is intended to last for generations so every component needs to stand the test of time.

Expert Craftsmanship

Everything we do is made with factories that bring tremendous category specific expertise and craftsmanship. Creating a close bond between design and manufacturing allows us to make product of the highest standard.