Care Instructions


Preserving your purchase

We use materials that have the enduring properties you would expect from a performance brand. However excessive washing and heat will ultimately age the garment prematurely. We suggest following the steps below to optimize the lifetime of your HonourMark garment.


Each piece is built with meticulous detail combined with exceptional materials that intersect performance and refined business casual. The longevity of our outerwear is intended to provide stature and protection for decades. Like any investment proper care will ensure years of enjoyment.

We strongly recommend spot cleaning with mild soap and cold water for daily mishaps. When absolutely necessary professional dry clean only.


Denim aficionados will tell you to only wash your pants every 3 months…We do not expect you to do that however the idea is your pants do not need to be washed as much as they are worn. Water and heat cause fading, shrinkage, and other effects that will alter the appearance over time. We recommend spot cleaning when needed with cold water, machine wash inside out when necessary, and lay flat to dry. Professional dry cleaning is preferred if keeping a crisp appearance is the desired look.

Sport Shirts

Our shirting collections are made with incredible fabrications like tencel and japanese cotton. All of which can be easily cared for to ensure years of wear. If the buttoned up pressed look is what you are after, we strongly suggest dry cleaning when necessary. If a more casual look is what you seek, machine wash inside out in cold water and lay flat to dry. Low heat iron only.


We use knits that have not undergone excessive pre-washing and chemical treatments due to the damaging environmental impact over processing can have. Therefore we suggest when caring for your knits to machine or hand wash in cold water inside out, and lay flat to dry.