Become an HonourMark Ally

'ali / a person that helps another in a particular activity

The HonourMark Ally Opportunity


Becoming an HonourMark Ally is a unique opportunity in men's fashion. We help men save time and money while elevating their wardrobe to accomodate today's "Business as Casual" dress code.

An Inspiring Brand of World Class Apparel...

Inspired by the global influences of our Northern California home and an unyielding standard of quality which enabled us to sit with the top European luxury labels in the most prestigious retailers in the country.

...Now Available for Direct-to-Consumer Value

You can be assured your clients can own the same quality HonourMark product for a fraction of what they would pay for similar quality in a retail store. They will love the value and appreciate the difference in what they can now wear.

A Collection Approach


With the casualization of corporate America and a time of constant connectivity blurring personal and business responsibilities, men are dressing very differently but still want to dress accordingly. From board meetings, teacher conferences, fundraisers, chipping practice, and finished with date night, versatility drives decisions. HonourMark was created to seamlessly carry our customers through it all.

A Material Difference

Luxury has long been about the finest, rarest, most exquisite materials. We are leading an alternate path. Today quality, versatility and comfort drive decision making for the customer, so all of our materials are selected with a performance based approach and finished in the most refined way. It's different and it works.

Expert Manufacturing

Our production partners are selected to ensure not only the best in class experience and knowledge is demonstrated in every stitch, but also that the methods to achieve it are in line with our core values as a company. Environmentally responsible practices combined with innovative means to create enduring quality in every component.

Only a Select Group Can Become an Ally

While others have thousands of sellers nationwide, if chosen you will be part of a very select group of individuals.

Build Your Own Business

A chance for you to be an entrepreneur and build a business that works with your lifestyle.

Superior Customer Service

We are here to help you build your business and for your client to have complete satisfaction in their HonourMark experience. We require all Allies to complete comprehensive brand and product training, and will provide you with the tools and marketing materials you need to be successful.

Become Part of the Movement

Interested in applying to become an Ally?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an HonourMark Ally?

Fill in the questionnaire below. Once submitted, we will follow-up with a time for a phone interview. Since only a select group qualify, we would like to get to know you and give you a chance to speak with us directly. If we both agree to move forward, you will complete an Ally Application and Agreement.

How do I make money?

An Ally earns a commission for every product sold. We have a flat commission structure with incentive programs coming.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

No. We are here to support you in your efforts to make as much money as you can.

If I am working with other direct sales companies, can I become an HonourMark Ally?


Can I be an HonourMark Ally if I live outside the United States?

HonourMark products are only available in the United States and Canada.