The Finest Partners: Utah Woolen Mills

Editor’s Note: Today we launch our Finest Partners' series. Here we will feature the stable of the best men’s stores where you can find select HonourMark product. Each of our partners represents the best in quality, character and distinction.

Today we hear from BJ Stringham, co-owner of Utah Woolen Mills.


Tell us about your store’s history and what makes it distinctive?

Our store is distinctive because of our history and the future we are continually chasing.  We are a five generations deep family business that morphed from an actual woolen mill to one of the finest clothing stores in the country.  We are constantly on the search for the best and latest in design, fabric and style.


The Stringham family: Bart, BJ & Brandon.

How do you standout with customer service and the in-store experience?

Our customer service is unique because we fully expect to create lifelong relationships with everyone who walks in our door.  We’re not in this for a one-time sale; we want to create an experience for our customers that will make them our friends.  


Tell us about the qualities you look for in the brands you carry?

The quality we look for in the brands we carry must always be the best.  It must always give the customer more than they paid for, at whatever price we offer it.  We will never skimp on quality.


What suggestions can you offer men who want to look great but do so in a casual way?

Men who want to look great in a casual way need to remember one thing, tailoring.  No matter what you wear, make sure it fits.


What is the one piece of clothing every man should have?

A great suit.  You can never be overdressed.


HonourMark is proud to have our Harrington Jacket and Stone Quilted Vest at Utah Woolen Mills. For more information, please visit or call 801-364-1851.

59 W. South Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101