Saks Fifth Avenue Launch Party 11.3.16

Thanks to everyone who attended the HonourMark Launch Party at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco, CA. An evening full of the New California Casual, we were enthused to be able to showcase HonourMark's exclusive lifestyle collection of outerwear, knits, button up shirts and bottoms with the luxury retailer.

The Denim Jacket

Understanding where something came from allows an adaptation that not only celebrates the characteristics that have stayed intact through the years, but it gives reason to offer it in a way that has not quite been done before. 




October 18, 2016

An effortless day at Freeman Winery

Native Northern California wine growing vineyards, Freeman Winery was established in 2001 by Ken and Akiko Freeman.  In their words, "With an aesthetic drawn from, and in harmony with, the beauty of its surroundings, the Freeman Winery is like a philosophical extension of the wines—offering grace without unnecessary excess."  
After our day there, we couldn't agree more.
September 16, 2016

Redefining Luxury

Meet Shaun Aharam, Co-Founder / Creative Director


"Daily demands of today require versatility, and I want to make the kind of product that best accommodates that."


September 16, 2016

The Making of Our Logo

A few days ago our Founder was asked how our logo was made.  Here’s a short view of the journey from our designer's perspective from three years ago.

 The Beginnings: Giving a name a voice

“Typography is a very emotional thing. Whether or not you are aware of it, you will have some sort of response to it. 'Quiet confidence' was what we wanted to convey and we learned the subtle traits of typefaces.”


The Discovery: Finding our place

While type is subjective, there are some general attributes to the different categories of typefaces. Hairline serifs (top left) convey elegance and sophistication, sans serif (top right) are straightforward, serifs (bottom left) are functional and legible, while slab serifs (bottom right) are masculine and sporty. After looking at letterforms, it's apparent that something between the fashionable hairline serif with the legibility of a textface serif is the direction to go.


"Good examples of this look are found in newspapers and magazines. While they are commonly in joke punchlines for their dying nature, typically their typography is among the best. For good reason, they have to be beautiful, versatile and also practical within the constraints of space. All of these are great descriptions for the type of emotion we want to go towards for HonourMark."


The solution:


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